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Our Fiberglass Filter Net has passed SGS test, we have ISO 9001:2000 certificate.
      High temperature resistant fiberglass filter net for foundry are used for filtering and purging all kinds of matal liquid.
      Mail products: Aluminum liquid filtration, steel liquid filtration, iron liquid filtration,copper liquid filtration, capstyle filtering net, etc.
        Size:0.6mm*0.6mm,0.8mm*0.8mm,1.0mm*1.0mm,1.2mm*1.2mm,1.5mm*1.5mm,2.0mm*2.0mm,2.5mm*2.5mm etc.
We also could cut to small size: 450mm*500mm or 450mm*450mm, the size is according to customer's required.  any shape is ok.

crimped wire mesh crimped wire mesh   crimped wire mesh
Types of filtration Technical index
Working temperature Melting point Sustaining working time (minute) Tensile strength
Application range
Steel liquid filtration 1600-1620 1700 5 16 mid-small size steel casting filtering
Iron liquid filtration 1400-1450 1700 10 8 Grey cast, modular iron and small size steel cast filtering
Copper liquid filtration 1200 1700 10 6 Copper alloy casting filtering
Aluminum liquid filtration 700-800 900 10 6 Aluminum alloy casting filtering
Cap-style filtration - - - - Melting mould casting filtering

Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.