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Stainless Steel Wire Cloth
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Stainless Steel Wire Cloth is an ideal medium for screen printing of circuit boards, glass printing and ceramic printing. Cadisch offers a comprehensive range of specially manufactured fine wire cloth for screen printing applications. This material will allow accurate printing of fine lines, at the same time offering smooth ink passage and coverage.

The material has excellent dimensional stability and is tension free and flat lying for easy handling during the screen making process. After thorough degreasing, the surface of all R&K stainless steel wire provides excellent adhesion properties for all stencil systems. The material can then be exposed to high intensity light with almost zero "undercutting".

R&K stainless steel screen printing mesh is produced in clean room conditions, which guarantees uniformity to the mesh. Unique weaving techniques ensure precise and uniform surface characteristics and precise tension in both the warp and weft. In particular, the material has a constant thickness which is vital.