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Materials: stainless steel, metal, high quality alloy plate or belt, general ply is 0.5 mm.
Production process: chemical erosion.
Technical standards: the smallest mechanical manufacture size 0.02 mm, etching area for 500mm 600mm *, material thickness of 0.02 mm - 0.5 mm.

etched mesh etched mesh   etched mesh
1,used for integrated circuits, screen printing, precise filtration, electronic grille microelectrode components, electronic industries plane pin, lead frame, substrate, etc. Still can make signs, trademark and exquisite handicraft.
Etching technical advantage, the network technology to improve the traditional metal processing methods.
2, the technical data, diagrams can be through design and complex. Such cylindrical metal products processing bump. 3 and etching technique could be used to make for the shape and various forms.
Etching technique is widely used in integrated circuits, fluorescent screen, precise filtration, microelectrode and etc.
Applicable scope:
1, etching processing various kinds of metal, metal and alloy and stainless steel plate, strip, 2, thickness and 2mm scope: 0.5 mm, especially for thin sheet below,
3: (1), petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical precision filter, filter plate, filter canister, filters, (2) electronic industry with metal plate, plate leakage, lead, lead frame, metal substrate, (3) precision optical and mechanical parts, components, plane spring, (4) friction slices and other parts of concave and convex surface, (5) metal plate and the design of complex metal accessories and elegant handicraft

Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.