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Fiberglass Fabric:

3D Fiberglass Woven Fabrics (Sandwich Structure Fabrics)

3-D spacer fabric construction is a newly developed concept. The fabric surfaces are strongly connected to each other by the vertical pile fibers which are interwoven with the skins. Therefore, the 3-D spacer fabric can provide good skin-core debonding resistance, excellent durability and superior integrity. In addition, the interstitial space of the construction can be filled up with foams to provide synergistic support with vertical piles. These products have broad application prospects in automobile, Locomotives, aerospace, marine, windmills, building and other industries.

Product Characteristics
The 3-D spacer fabric consists of two bi-directional woven fabric surfaces, which are mechanically connected with vertical woven piles. And two S-shaped piles combine to form a pillar, 8-shaped in the warp direction and 1-shaped in the weft direction.
The 3-D spacer fabric can be made of glass fiber, carbon fiber or basalt fiber. Also their hybrid fabrics can be produced.
The range of the pillar height: 3-50 mm, the range of the width: = 3000 mm.
The designs of structure parameters including the areal density, the height and distribution density of the pillars are flexible.
The 3-D spacer fabric composites can provide high skin-core debonding resistance and impact resistance and impact resistance, light weight. High stiffness, excellent thermal insulation, acoustic damping, and so on.

Area Weight (g/m2) Core Thickness (mm) Density of Warp (ends/cm) Density of Weft (ends/cm) Tensile strength Warp(n/50mm) Tensile strength Weft(n/50mm)
740 2 18 12 4500 7600
800 4 18 10 4800 8400
900 6 15 10 5500 9400
1050 8 15 8 6000 10000
1480 10 15 8 6800 12000
1550 12 15 7 7200 12000
1650 15 12 6 7200 13000
1800 18 12 5 7400 13000
2000 20 9 4 7800 14000
Fiberglass Fabric
Fiberglass Fabric

Glass fiber double sided towel fabric has terry with double sided.The terry height of the towel fabric is from 2mm to 10mm. This kind structure fabric can be also weaved with other high-performance fibers, such as carbon fiber ,aromatic polyamid fiber .It can overcome the disadvantage of the traditional composite material,and can be widely used in friction material of  transportation , aviation and spaceflight . Fiberglass Cloth/Glass fiber towel fabric
Fiberglass Fabric

Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.