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Polyester Screen Printing Mesh Fabric is one of the most advanced high-tech mesh fabric products in 1990s for screen printing.

With high quality material, Reking produces super quality polyester and polyamide bolting cloth for screen printing. Reking also have the most advanced testing instruments and technicians well trained to guarantee a reliable quality.

Monofilament Polyester Screen Printing Mesh(Low-elongation) Features:

Low-Elongation Monofilament Polyester Screen printing mesh is what we are producing now in a wide range of mesh counts, and our products offer significant advantages over the traditional monofilament polyester:

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Faster tensioning without damage to the threads;

Improved fabric strength;

Faster tension stabilization;

Higher tension threshold and breaking point;

Less tension loss during the stretching process;

Faster turnaround time from the screen room to the pressroom;

Improved registration due to stable tension;

Faster printing speeds.

CD/DVD Printing, Ceramic Decorating, Graphic Screen Printing, Package Printing, Printed Electronics, Printing on Glass, Solar Cell Printing, Textile Printing, etc.

Technical Details:
Monofilament polyester mesh screen (low-elongation) is available with a wide range of mesh counts and has significant advantages compared with traditional polyester mesh.


Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.