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Metal material: iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, galvanized zinc.
Nonmetal board: plywood, fiberboard, dense board ,plastic board and rubber board.
Hole forms we can process are: round ,slot, square, triangle, protruding(fish scale),rhombus, hexagon ,vertical crossing, plum blossom and leaf etc. We can also
manufacturing screen tubes and screen buckets of different diameters.
The products are extensively used in protective covers of mechanical equipment,
in the disposing of ambient noises, in the range of petroleum and chemical industry,
in the manufacturing of boats, in the range of pharmacy, grain ,feed, mine, kitchen
utensils, in stock rack meshes used in shops, in varieties of platforms used for decoration and promotion, in ambient desks and chairs etc.

punch mesh punch mesh   punch mesh
Our punching hole meshes have varieties of specifications, and holes can be punched in the following specifications:
hole diameter: 0.55-100mm, board thickness: 0.2-15mm.We can also make
the thickness of boards equals the diameter of hole(10mm diameter hole can be punched 12mm thickness boards),we can also design and manufacture varieties of punching hole
meshes according to the request of customers.

Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.