Compound Balanced Belt
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Compound Balanced Belt


  • Hebei

  • ISO9001

  • Xingang, Tianjin

  • 3 meters

  • 5000 meters per month

  • L/C,T/T



Compound Balanced Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt Introduction

  1. Compound balanced wire mesh conveyor belt is one of the most versatile and widely used woven metal belt, thanks to its characteristics of true travel, good flexibility, excellent strength-to-weight ratio, flat surface, and minimum maintenance. This metal wire belt is also available as a Double Balanced Belt construction, which is an assembly of pairs of right and left hand spirals properly spaced by crimped connectors. Double Balanced Belts have a very dense meshe that may require a straight connector.

  2. Compound balanced wire mesh conveyor belt is a variant of the double helix mesh belt. It consists of left-handed and right-handed meshes in turn to form a very tight and flat mesh surface, with a straight shaft and a crankshaft respectively.

  3. Straight rod: It is made up of alternating left and right mesh strips connected by a straight string. This series of mesh belts have relatively dense meshes and even mesh spacing, which makes the mesh belt walk smoothly, so it is very suitable for conveying small products, such as screws, nails, Bolts and other products with small volume but relatively heavy weight.

  4. Crimped rod: Concentrates the various advantages of the gold-stone wire woven mesh belt. Because of the deep-bending string, each spiral metal wire can be fixed to the correct position, so the deformation and extension of the mesh belt are minimized.

Compound Balanced Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt Advantages

Ideal for bakeries and snake food process

Can sustain high and low temperature conditions

Provide a uniform heat transfer

Compound Balanced Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt Usage

Food processing:

Tight spiral wire mesh belt is widely used in Cookie Baking, Tortilla Baking, Bakery Belts, Food Processing, Crackers, Biscuits and popular with all forms of continous baking applications of baked goods including cracker and cookie baking.

Industry applications:

Heat Treating of small parts, Hardening, Tempering, Quenching. It's great for for handling small parts in heat treating and quench tank operations. The smooth surface is ideal for transferring and conveying small parts drying.

Compound Balanced Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt Drawing

Please supply these detail size showing in drawing, so that we can give you offer according to your demands.


Compound Balanced Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt Picutures



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