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Filter Cloth

In order to achieve better filtering requirements,Reking introduced a complete set of Cerman filter cloth production line and
technology.By virtue of Reking 30 years of filtering experience,the heavy German rapier looms weave thinnest silk threads
into filter cloth of high density and different hole patterns by using 0.3-3.5 tons beating-up force after each weft across warp.Under same area the filtration holes of Reking filter cloth are 20%-50% more than other filter cloth,which improve the filtration
speed greatly.The filter cloth was woven under constant temperature and humidity,which eliminate the fabric burrs caused by
static electricity.What's the most important is that monofilament filter cloth can make the filter cakes fall off automatically,which
has conquered the unsolved problem ever since.
  • 5514,f3,750A,12015,10124,1542

  • Filter Cloth

  • 5514,f3,750A,12015,10124,1542


  • China

  • ISO9001

  • Xingang, Tianjin

  • 200 Set/Sets

  • 50000m per month

  • L/C,T/T,paypal,western union,Ali express



In order to achieve better filtering requirements,Reking introduced a complete set of Cerman filter cloth production line and
technology.By virtue of Reking 30 years of filtering experience,the heavy German rapier looms weave thinnest silk threads
into filter cloth of high density and different hole patterns by using 0.3-3.5 tons beating-up force after each weft across warp.
Under same area the filtration holes of Reking filter cloth are 20%-50% more than other filter cloth,which improve the filtration
speed greatly.The filter cloth was woven under constant temperature and humidity,which eliminate the fabric burrs caused by
static electricity.What's the most important is that monofilament filter cloth can make the filter cakes fall off automatically,which
has conquered the unsolved problem ever since.

Reking has introduced high-end production line of polypropylene yarn drawing,and the raw material adopts high quality

fiber-grade polypropylene, which can produce polypropylene yarn of high tenacity with different norms from 100D to 5000D,
and the strength can reach 7-8.5g/D.The uniformity,tensile strength and surface smoothness of yarn, etc. index have
exceeded national standard;the yarn twisting equipment adopts advanced single-spindle and single-control two-for-one
twisters,which guarantees uniformity and accuracy of degree of yarn twist;after thermoforming,the stability of cohesive force,
degree of twist, and drying shrinkage rate is high,and the deviation of yarn size is controlled within ±1%,and the deviation of
drying shrinkage within ±0.5%.

Reking has introduced the whole set of filter cloth production line from Germany,from raw yarn drawing and production to filter cloth
forming.By virtue of Reking 30 years of filtering experience,in the constant temperature and humidity weaving environment,the loom can weave the thinnest threads into the filter cloth of the highest density and different hole shapes. Reking filter cloth has the following characteristics:

1. under the same area,the filtration holes of Reking filter cloth are 20%-50%more than other filter cloth,which
makes the filtration rate fast.For filter press with the same volume, the slurry can be fed in 8%-12% more by using Jingjin filter

Cloth and under the same pressure,the moisture content of filter cake can be reduced by 2%-5% by using Reking filter cloth.2.stable

filter effect,filter cloth never shrinks, and long service life.3.monofilament filter cloth can make the filter cake

discharged automatically.




NO. Product Name Material Weight (g/m2)±5% Thickness (mm)±0.1 AirPermeability (L/M2/S) Applied Industry
01 JJ1515 Polypropylenemonofilament 350 0.55 80 Diatomite
02 1323 Polypropylenemonofilament 390 0.65 315 Pyrohydrolysis s Anaerobic Sewage
03 JJ1542 Polypropylenemonofilament 360 0.5 50 White carbon black
04 JJ1520 Polypropylenemonofilament 380 0.65 160 Specialized for sewage-automatic cake discharge
05 Specialized for beer Polypropylenemonofilament 335 0.65 950 Specialized for beer
06 JJ1540 Polypropylenemonofilament 327 0.75 570 Aluminium oxide-vertical disc filter
07 JJ2915 Polypropylenemonofilament 334 0.55 195 Bentonite
08 PA2026 Polyamide monofilament 425 0.62 900 Coal washing
09 JJ1570 Polyamide monofilament 306 0.4 550 Palm oil
10 5536 Polyamide monofilament 270 0.4 380 Rice syrup oil
11 Twill silk screen Polyamide monofilament 250 0.52 3200 Alcohok citric acids aluminite powder

80 mesh silk screen Polyamide monofilament 140 0.26 4300 AlcohoL citric acid
13 JJ2222 Polyamide monofilament 665 1 230 Specialized for titanium dioxide waste water (one-time open)
14 New type 2026 Polyamide monofilament 464 0.76 1800 Municipal sewage、coal washing
15 JJ2630 Polyamide/polypropylene monofilament 480 0.86 600 Specialized for sewage-automatic cake discharge
16 Thickened JJ2245 Polyamide6/polyamide66 monofilament 395 0.6 1150 Aluminium oxide-flat disc filter
17 Filter6 Polypropylene monofilament /filament 360 0.53 25 Food industry、chemical industry
18 10124 Polypropylene monofilament /filament 600 0.89 16 Chemical industry、 smelting
19 JJ12015 Polypropylene monofilament /filament 450 0.8 75 Red mud
20 Filters . Polypropylene monofilament /filament 391 0.5 6 Com starch
21 2070 Polypropylene monofilament /filament 400 0.55 10 Rice syrup oil
22 2370 Polypropylene monofilament /filament 425 0.6 150 Tailings、 waste water
23 6530 Polypropylene monofilament /filament 650 1.05 280 Iron ore、 tailings
24 6022 Polypropylene monofilament /filament 360 0.6 60 Rice wine
25 JJ2055 Polypropylene monofilament /filament 465 0.61 55 Lactic acid、citric acid
26 750A Polypropylene filament 370 0.74 20 Chemical industry、sugar industry、dye
27 750AB Polypropylene filament 610 1.1 20 Chemical industry、pharmacy
28 JJ specialized for mineral powder Polypropylene filament /split film yarn 930 1.7 10 Concentrates tailings
29 Filters Polypropylene filament 570 1.05 50 Chemical industry 、sugar industry
30 JJ2000B Polypropylene filament 740 1.32 48 Municipal sewage
31 108C-3 Polypropylene filament /short fiber 660 0.85 2 Agar
32 JJ5514 Polypropylene filament /short fiber 700 1.24 11 Titanium dioxide
33 JJ3018 Polypropylene filament /short fiber 668 0.9 0.8 Nano calcium carbonate、pigment、graphite powder
34 0303 Polypropylene filament /short fiber 750 0.73 1.5 Chemical industry
35 8222 Polyester short fiber 1050 1.3 13 Specialized for dye

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