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PTFE Conveyor Belts


  • Hebei

  • ISO9001

  • Xingang, Tianjin

  • 3 meters

  • 5000 meters per month

  • L/C,T/T



PTFE Mesh Coated Fiberglass Coveyor Belt 


Material PTFE
Standard 1*1,2*2,4*4mesh,10*10mesh
width as requirement
Standing Temperature 70 to 260
Weight 120-160g/m2
length As requirement

PTFE conveyor belt and high temperature resistant conveyor belt. conveyor belt is divided into teflen mesh conveyor belt and teflen high-temperature cloth, both of which are made of teflen resin coated with glass fiber cloth.Teflen conveyor belt is also known as teflen conveyor belt, teflen conveyor belt, The teflen mesh conveyor belt is defined with mesh size, mainly including 1 x 1MM, 2 x 2.5mm, 4 x 4MM, 10 x 10MM, etc., and is divided into single and double weft teflen mesh conveyor belt according to the longitude and latitude lines.teflen high temperature cloth is used to distinguish the specification by thickness, and the thinnest is up to 0.08MM.


Used for low - 70 ℃, high temperature 260 ℃, has the climate resistance, anti-aging.Through practical application, such as under the condition of 250 ℃ high temperature placed 200 days in a row, not only low intensity will not change, and also do not reduce weight;

Placed under the high temperature of 350 ℃, 120 hours, the weight only decreases about 0.6%;In 180 ℃ cryogenic circumstance and can keep the original softness.


Item Aperture material Thickness weight temperature resistance max width Tensile strength
1 1x 1mm Fiberglass 0.5mm 370g /m 2 -70 -260 ℃ 4m 310/290 N/cm
2 2x 2mm Fiberglass 0.7mm 450g /m 2 -70 -260 ℃ 4m 350/310 N/cm
3 4x 4mm Fiberglass 1.0mm 400g /m 2 -70 -260 ℃ 4m 390/320 N/cm
4 4x 4mm Fiberglass 1.0mm 450g /m 2 -70 -260 ℃ 4m 390/320 N/cm
5 4x 4mm Fiberglass 1.2mm 600g /m 2 -70 -260 ℃ 4m 895/370 N/cm
6 4x 4mm Fiberglass 1.0mm 500g /m 2 -70 -260 ℃ 4m 395/370 N/cm
7 4x 4mm Fiberglass 1.0mm 500g /m 2 -70 -260 ℃ 4m 900/600 N/cm
8 4x 4mm Fiberglass 1.0mm 550g /m 2 -70 -260 ℃ 4m 395/370 N/cm
9 10x 10mm Fiberglass 1.2mm 450g /m 2 -70 -260 ℃ 4m 360/300 N/cm
10 0.5x 1mm Fiberglass 0.5mm 420g /m 2 -70 -260 ℃ 4m 310/290 N/cm
11 2x 2.5mm Fiberglass 0.9mm 600g /m 2 -70 -260 ℃ 3m 390/320 N/


1. mesh conveyor belt has the characteristics of the mesh is easy to breathe freely, so widely used in textile printing and dyeing, printing drying conduction band, screen printing, UV drying, light solid machine, offset printing machine, dryer, non-woven drying machine, high frequency dryer, food baking machine conduction band, temperature control chamber, flux type rapid drying of ink and general water items such as drying equipment.

2. The high temperature cloth has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, low friction coefficient and good insulation.

1mm 2mm 4mm Aperture Coated Fiberglass Conveyor Belts For Food Industry 01mm 2mm 4mm Aperture Coated Fiberglass Conveyor Belts For Food Industry 1

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