Wedge Wire Screen
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Wedge Wire Screen

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  • ISO9001
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  • 200 Set/Sets
  • 3000 Set/Sets per Month
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Slot tubes are welded structures with the support profiles being rods in the axial direction of the tube and surface profiles spirally wound around the support profiles.
Reking Slot Tubes are manufactured directly on a machine. They have the unique advantage of very accurate, narrow slot openings and perfect roundness all in one. Slot tubes can be provided with the necessary end pieces for attachments and/or reinforcements.
Standard constructions of slot tubes (special constructions are possible on request)

The designation of a slot tube describes its construction as follows:
surface wire / support wire x number of support wires.
Example: 12S/Q25 x 8
This means that the profile wire is 12S. The support wire is Q25 and there are 8 support wires, equally spaced over 360째.
Slot tubes with dimensions and/or tolerances other than those described below, are available on request.

 Profile Combinations




A Flat Screen is simular to a Flat Welded Screen, the only difference being that they are manufactured by opening and flattening slot tubes Standard constructions of flat screens (special constructions are possible on request) Flat Screens with dimensions other than those given below are available on request.

Profile combinations

The designation for a Flat Welded Screen is for instance: 
22S/Q35 - 70
22S = surface wire
Q35 = support wire
70 = distance between support wires in mm


Profile combinations

Profile combinations

pitch = distance between support profiles Dimensions For pitch 17-25 mm: 
oMax. surface profile length: 3000 mm
oMax. support profile length: 3000 mm
Finishing Standard finish: oflattening
ocutting width and length to fit required size Optional finish: 
odeburring odegreasing and pickling opost-machining for tighter tolerances
Frames and reinforcements
Flat Welded Frames can be welded onto frames or be reinforced by Trislot. This is available on request.

Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements



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