120T Polyester Fabric Mesh
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120T Polyester Fabric Mesh

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120T Polyester Fabric Mesh, as its name implies, is a fabric woven for separating solid particles from gas, water or other materials. Made of quality polyester monofilament yarns, our range of polyester filter mesh is characterized by stable physical property which makes it ideal for printing and filtering industry. All the meshes are semi-permeable woven with appropriate apertures based on your requirements for filtering certain sized particles.

120T Polyester Fabric Mesh are compressed and finishes are applied according to the process or application they are used for. All of the excellent characteristics of polyester apply to 120T Polyester Fabric Mesh, including good resistance to chemicals, abrasion and dry heat degradation, plus excellent dimensional stability. 120T Polyester Fabric Mesh is most commonly used in dust collection processes, where the air flow is either forward or reverse pulse. The direction of the air flow dictates the finish required.

Features of 120T Polyester Fabric Mesh:

· High tension strength and low elongation.

· Superb elasticity and faster tension stabilization.

· Less tension loss during the stretching process.

· Higher tension threshold and breaking point.

· Excellent corrosion and heat resistance.

· Excellent resistance to chemicals such as acid and alkali.

· Improved registration and nice appearance with flat surface.

· Hold up better in water than traditional nylon filter mesh.

· Less in weight and cost.


120T Polyester Fabric Mesh is widely used in filtration for straining and screening processes and is available in many styles. We are listing only the most commonly used styles here so contact us if you don’t see the one that you need. Mesh is available in rolled goods or manufactured to specifications.

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